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Gravity Forms

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Product Description

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is a premium form management plugin that allows you to create multiple custom forms easily and comes with additional features such as re Captcha and file uploading.

As an alternative to the contact form template that comes with most themes, all Woo Themes now have built in styling for the Gravity forms plugin (

All Woo Themes have the additional styling so all you need to do is install and create your forms.

Gravity Forms is built from the ground up as a WordPress-specific plugin which allows it to integrate with WordPress in a way hosted form services cannot.

Dashboard Overview

Get a quick overview of your form submissions and easily manage your Gravity Forms and entries directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Embed Shortcode

It’s easy to embed Gravity Forms on pages, posts or anywhere shortcodes are supported on your WordPress site.

Embed Via Function Call

Display a form anywhere in your WordPress theme using a built in Gravity Forms function call.

Form Widget

Looking for a way to quickly embed a form throughout your site? Try the built-in form widget. You can quickly add and display Gravity Forms in any sidebar or widget-enabled section of your favorite WordPress theme.

Post Creation

Configure forms that create WordPress Posts. Turn Gravity Forms into a user-generated content machine.

User Registration

With the User Registration Add-On you can create forms that can be used to register users on your WordPress site.

Hooks and Filters

Customize Gravity Forms to your heart’s content using WordPress hooks and filters.

Role Management

Gravity Forms introduces new capabilities to the WordPress Role system. We recommend using the Members plugin for role management. This plugin integrates with Gravity Forms out of the box and is available for download here.



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