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Modal Popup Box For Visual Composer

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Product Description

Modal Popup Box For Visual Composer

Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer is the master plugin that includes many features, including all that are in “Modal Popup Box For Visual Composer” plugin.

What is a Modal Popup Box?

Modal box is a simple CSS3 & jQuery effect that allows you to overlay a small element over a website.

How does it help?

The most important benefit of modal box is that, it avoids the need to use traditional window pop-ups or page reloads.

What can I put inside these Modal Popups?

Almost anything! Let it be your Newsletter opt-ins, shortcodes, images, videos, contact forms or social media widgets. We’ve provided TinyMCE editor that you can use and design your content inside the popup.

Minimum Requirements

WordPress 3.6 and above
Visual Composer 3.7.2 and above



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