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Sitepress Multilingual Cms – WP Multilingual

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Product Description

Sitepress Multilingual Cms – WP Multilingual

Sitepress Multilingual Cms makes it easy to run a multilingual website with a single WordPress install. Choose languages for your site and start translating content.

The default install comes with over 40 languages. You can also add your own language variants (like Canadian French or Mexican Spanish) using Sitepress Multilingual Cms’s languages editor.

You can arrange different language contents in the same domain (in language directories), in sub-domains or in completely different domains.

Building a multilingual site is the first step. The challenge begins when your clients need to run it. They’re going to love you for choosing Sitepress Multilingual Cms!

Sitepress Multilingual Cms comes with state-of-the-art translation management. You can turn ordinary WordPress users into Translators. Translators can access only specific translation jobs.


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