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Soliloquy Plugin & Addons

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Product Description

Soliloquy Plugin & Addons

Soliloquy is a responsive WordPress slider plugin that makes building sliders in WordPress a task that you will want to experience over and over again.

Soliloquy is best responsive WordPress slider plugin.

Carousel Addon
Enables carousel display for Soliloquy sliders.
CSS Addon
Enables custom CSS output for Soliloquy sliders.
Defaults Addon
Enables defaults to be set and inherited by new Soliloquy sliders.
Dynamic Addon
Enables Dynamic sliders in Soliloquy.
Featured Content Addon
Enables featured content sliders in Soliloquy.
Instagram Addon
Enables Instagram sliders in Soliloquy.
Lightbox Addon
Enables responsive lightbox support for Soliloquy sliders.
Pinterest Addon
Enables Pinterest “Pin It” buttons for Soliloquy sliders.
Schedule Addon
Enables scheduling support for Soliloquy sliders.
Themes Addon
Enables custom themes for Soliloquy sliders.
Thumbnails Addon
Enables thumbnails display for Soliloquy sliders.

Responsive out of the box Viewing your WordPress slider on a mobile device? No worries – Soliloquy looks great on any viewing device. From the traditional desktop computer to the latest and greatest Apple device, your sliders will always appear and function in flawless fashion.
Got mobile? Check. Soliloquy is incredibly smart at detecting environments. You can create mobile specific slider assets so that you can keep you page load times at a minimum, no matter what device your user is coming from.
Transport sliders anywhere and everywhere Nobody wants to waste time re-creating sliders once they have moved sites. With Soliloquy, you can easily export and import your WordPress sliders from wherever you would like.
Workflows that truly excite Your last WordPress slider plugin hard to use? Soliloquy will be a drink of cold refreshing water. Soliloquy is incredibly easy to use without sacrificing power or performance. You get the best of every world with Soliloquy.
WordPress, the native way Enjoy a beautiful interface that blends right into the native WordPress interface. Enjoy one seamless experience when creating your WordPress sliders with Soliloquy.
Independent sliders Build sliders right from within the Soliloquy post type and insert them anywhere with our easy-to-use media insertion tools.
Rock solid code foundation Coded to WordPress standards and is one of the most well built WordPress plugins on the market. It has been tested, proven and refined by some of the greatest WordPress developers.
Unlimited sliders – for real! Don’t be limited by the number of sliders you can create. With it, you can build as many sliders as your heart desires, and you can place as many of those sliders on the same page if you wish!
WordPress MultiSite compatible Has been tested fully on WordPress MultiSite and functions beautifully across all sites on your network, whether network activated or activated on individual sites.
Simple ajax slider management All slider actions are processed via performant ajax calls so that you can have a smooth experience throughout all of the Soliloquy UI.
Dynamic asynchronous image preloading Your sliders will load lightening fast with the unique dynamic asynchronous ajax preloading done to load your slider images into the DOM. In short, Soliloquy is ridiculously fast.
SEO friendly The most SEO friendly WordPress slider plugin on the market by far. By giving you complete control over your images and their alt tags, you can easily jump in your rankings by using Soliloquy.
Bountiful WordPress hooks and filters With Soliloquy, you get access to over 100+ native hooks and filters so that you can transform your WordPress sliders into anything that you want!


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