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Translation Analytics – WP Multilingual


Product Description

Translation Analytics – WP Multilinguall

Managing translation can be hard work, especially if your site has a lot of content and you’re using several translators. The Translation Analytics module makes it easy. You’ll get concise reports about the current status of your site’s translation, and see progress over time.

Translation Analytics Plugin

Translation Analytics helps you keep track of your website’s translation, making it easy to spot potential schedule issues. It shows you a graphical representation of progress and history over time.

The Translation Analytics plugin allows you to manage the progress of your translation projects directly from within WordPress. You can observe how different languages are advancing, being able to address schedule issues before it’s too late.

Translation progress overview
The first thing that you will see is an overview of the translations in your site.
There’s a bar for each language, showing how much content was sent to translation and how much of it is already completed. No matter how many languages you have and how many translators work for you, this screen gives you an immediate snapshot of the translation progress.

Progress graphs
To tell how translations are progressing, click on the ‘Progress graph’ tab. You will see a graph, showing you how much content was sent to translation and how translation progressed, over time.
The gray area in the graph represents the content sent to translation. Normally, you will send content for translation in batches, so expect to see one or more ‘steps’. These steps show you when you’ve sent batches of content.

Below the gray area, there is a green area, indicating the completed translations. Normally, this graph will climb up gradually, as translation progresses.

Setting and tracking translation deadlines

The Translation Analytics module lets you set the deadlines for the translation work. The progress graph will always show ‘today’ and the ‘deadline’. By default, the deadline is auto-generated by our system, based on average translation capacity. Click on the ‘change deadline’ link, at the top-right of the progress graph. You can leave it as auto-calculated, or set the deadline manually.

By seeing the deadline, compared to the actual progress, you already get a pretty good idea if translation is about to complete on time. However, you don’t need to constantly check this graph. Translation Analytics can send you notification emails, in case the translation is likely to miss the deadline you’ve set.

Translation progress alerts

Once you’ve set deadlines, in the progress graph, you can instruct Translation Analytics to warn you, in case the deadline may not be met. To do this, go to the ‘Alerts’ tab.
Translation Analytics monitors the progress of the translations for you. You can tell it to alert you about two potential issues:

The rate (pace) in which a translator is working is not sufficient to meet the deadline
There hasn’t been progress for several days
Both these problems usually hint about upcoming problems with meeting your deadlines. If you catch them early enough, you can still correct the situation and complete your work on time (without having to go into panic mode).

When you set the ‘rate’ alert, you choose how many ‘spare’ days you need. For example, if you set the alert to ‘3’ days in advance, you will receive alerts when the pace of the translation is not sufficient to complete the translation 3 days before the deadline.

By setting a small slack, you can ensure that you have enough time to respond to progress problems before your hard deadline is missed.

The ‘no progress’ alert warns you when a translator has been idle for a number of days. It’s normal for translators to be idle for a day or two. If translators are not working on your project for a week, your attention might be needed.



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