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WP All Import Pro & Addons and WP All Export Pro

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Product Description

WP All Import Pro and Addons

WP All Import Pro
WP All Import – WooCommerce Add-on Pro
WP All Import – Advanced Custom Fields Add-On
WP All Import – Link Cloaking Add-On
WP All Import – User Import Add-On

Included the WP All Export Pro

WP Import All and Addons


WP Import All can update existing posts on your site that have changes to their data in your XML or CSV file,
Import CSV or XML files into WordPress automatically.
Automatically import periodically your CSV (or XML) file and update your site on the schedule
This extension can delete records from your site that no longer are present in your data, and add records to your site that are newly present in your data.
Track when your import jobs last ran from the Manage Imports screen.
You will be able to import large files in one go. You can import any size file and thousands of products in one go
WooCommerce Add-On

The WP Import All Woocommerce Add-on lets you import multiple products into your WooCommerce installation. The add-on provides complete support for simple, variable, and affiliate product listings. You’re able to import data to all fields offered by WooCommerce as well as being able to automate recurring stock level synchronization.

Import data to every field that exists in WooCommerce.
Import every type of products: Simple Products, Variable Products, External/Affiliate Products, and Grouped Products.
You will be able to import large files in one go. You can import any size file and thousands of products in one go.
WP Import All Woocommerce Add-on has automatically splits the file into pieces if it would otherwise be too large for your host to handle.
If your XML/CSV contains image URLs or image file names, WP Import All-of-it can download and import your images.
Advanced Custom Fields Add-On

The Advanced Custom Fields Add-on lets you import to data fields created by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin for WordPress. There’s support for ACF 4 and ACF 5/Pro , as well as 29 different field types, including relationships, galleries, and fields inside repeaters.

Link Cloaking Add-On

The Link Cloaking Add-on allows you to Automatically cloak all links present during a file import. This is really useful for affiliates who wish to hide the sometimes long and complex URLs that affiliate links have, in order to improve click-throughs. This add-on also works with WooCommerce.

User Import Add-On

The User Import add-on lets you easily import data from different users on your WordPress website to all available user fields. This includes your user meta data.


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