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WP All Import Pro

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Product Description

WP All Import Pro

Download Images To The Media Gallery

No matter how your image URLs are stored in your XML or CSV file WP All Import can import them. The first image URL will be used as the Featured Image. The rest will be imported to the Media Gallery.

Custom Post Types

Easily import data to custom themes and plugins.

All Custom Post Types active in your WordPress installation will show up as tabs inside of WP All Import. Choose which Custom Post Type to import data to by selecting its tab.

Custom Fields

WP All Import automatically detects the field names your themes and plugins use.

If you’re using a theme or plugin that has lots of custom locations for data – not just the post content box, WP All Import can import your data to it.

Scheduled Recurring Imports

Use cron jobs to automatically update an import periodically with new data.

WP All Import can periodically check a URL for a new XML or CSV file.

Update existing posts on your site that have changes to their data in your XML or CSV data file. Delete records from your site that no longer are present in your data. Add records to your site that are newly present in your data. 100% optional and 100% automatic.

Update Existing Imports With New Data

Import a new XML or CSV file over an existing import.

Want to edit your data file and use it to update an existing import? No problem – use the Re-Run Import With New File option.

You can choose which fields you want WP All Import to update, and leave any manual edits you’ve made alone.

All Character Sets & Encodings

No problems when importing data with special characters.

WP All Import tries to auto-detect your file’s character encoding, or you can simply choose the correct character set from the dropdown.

Not sure of the correct character encoding? Use the Preview option to see which one displays your data correctly.

Filtering with XPath

Import only records matching certain conditions.

Use an XPath expression in Step 2 to only select elements matching a certain criteria to import. If you want to only import items below a certain price point, you can. If you want to only import items that have a search keyword in their title, you can. It’s all possible using XPath.

Custom Taxonomies, Categories, Tags

Import to existing taxonomies, or let WP All Import auto-create new taxonomies.

WP All Import can create tags, parent and child categories, and custom taxonomies with information in your feed. Drag the four-pointed arrow to the right to create a parent-child hierarchy.

Custom PHP Functions

Transform data in your file before it is loaded into WordPress

Transform your data by running PHP functions on any element or column in your file before the data is loaded into WP All Import.

For example, your element or column name is and you want to run the my_availability() function on it, use this in your import template:

Use these functions from anywhere inside of WP All Import.

See the documentation for more details.

Plugin API: Hookable Actions


WP All Import provides 3 hooks – one runs before the import, one runs after the import, and one runs each time WP All Import creates or updates a post.

Read the Action Reference Documentation for details.


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