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XLIFF – WP Multilingual


Product Description

XLIFF – WP Multilingual

Lets you send content to translation services or freelance translators using the industry-standard XLIFF interface. The XLIFF interface extends XLIFF – WP Multilingual’s Translation Dashboard allowing you to send documents and receive them in XLIFF format.

Translating XLIFF Files

When the WordPress administrator enables XLIFF interface, you will be able to receive translation jobs as XLIFF files, translate them offline and upload your work back to WordPress.

Getting The Files

Each notification email will include a ZIP file. This ZIP contains the documents that were assigned to you for translation.

Save the attachment to your PC and unzip it.

The notification email also includes links to the original documents (if they are published). You should review them, to learn about the structure and context of the site you’re translating.

Unique WordPress Features

Although the XLIFF files are standard, they contain some elements that are unique to WordPress. Understanding these special features will allow you to create better translations.

Line breaks

Normally, in HTML, you insert
tags to generate line breaks. In WordPress, new-lines generate line breaks too. We’ve replaced new-lines with a tag:

If you need to insert new line-breaks, type in similar tags.

Categories, tags and custom fields

Content in the CMS is often organized in categories. It may have tags and ‘custom fields’. These are extra data-fields added to the main content.

All these special fields will appear as individual XLIFF fields. They have names, but these names may not always be clear to you initially. When you see small fields below the main content, ask the client what they mean. These fields will normally repeat for different jobs that you do on the same site.

Returning Completed Translation

When you’re done translating, login to WordPress and click on Translation interface. At the bottom of that page, you’ll find a form for uploading XLIFF files.

Importing XLIFF files from the translation jobs page
You can upload individual XLIFF files or ZIP several files together and upload the ZIP.

When you upload your work, WordPress automatically notifies the site administrator.



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