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YITH Custom ThankYou Page for Woocommerce Premium

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Product Description

YITH Custom ThankYou Page for Woocommerce Premium

They say customers need to be pampered.

I’m sure you already moved toward this objective in your business, making your user a part of it and of your business values, but there is one more thing you can do to improve your website.
And that’s simply saying “Thank You”.
When you buy from a store, you generally get a warm and welcomed “Thank You” from your clerk, and that’s when you may receive a gift or maybe you are simply suggested to look at something else in particular, be it a promotion or a specific event.
Why not do the same thing on your e-commerce store, thanking each and every single user for their purchase? Your customers will sure appreciate that.


We have created YITH Custom Thank You Page to fill a small gap in the purchasing process, which will be greatly rewarding, if used correctly.
In just a few seconds you will be able to set up a thank you page for your whole store or even a different one for each single product.
You will be able to use the thank you page for upsell or share something specific with your customers, right after their purchase.
Using YITH Custom Thank You Page you will have the chance to offer further information after a specific transaction, and I’m sure you are already getting tons of ideas, right?
Use this simple and inexpensive method to let your customers know you appreciate them, using your own personal touch of style.

YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin

YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce allows you to show a different custom Thank You page based on the products users add to their cart.
Thanks to an advanced management, you can choose whether to set up a General Thank You page that applies to any product purchased or to associate a dedicated page to products or product categories.
With one click, you can set up a section that allows users to share the purchased products on their social profiles and a section with a selection of products from your shop.
Read this guide to learn more about all that the plugin offers and to solve any possible doubts about its usage.



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