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String Translation – WP Multilingual


Product Description

String Translation – WP Multilingual

The String Translation plugin allows to translate interface strings directly from within WordPress without having to use .mo files.

The String Translation plugin allows more than just translating static texts. It also lets you translate user-generated texts that are outside of posts and pages. For example, the tagline and SEO data.

Anything that doesn’t fall inside posts, pages or taxonomy goes into String Translation. This includes the site’s tagline, general texts in Admin screens, widget titles and many other texts.

String Translation – WP Multilingual module is part of the Multilingual CMS package.
Then, go to String Translation.

String Translation screen
Choosing Which Strings to Display

A complex site may contain many strings to translate. Use the display filter, at the top of the String Translation page, to determine which strings to display.

Which strings to display – choose the translation status (everything, translation complete, translation needed or waiting for translator)
Strings context – String Translation – WP Multilingual organizes strings into different contexts, making it easier to find a specific string.
Search – you can enter a search value to narrow down specific strings
Translating Strings

Click on the translations link to open the translation editor.

Translating a string
Be sure to click on ‘translation is complete‘ after you translate. Incomplete translations will not appear in the site.

If you are using String Translation – WP Multilingual module, you can also send strings to translation by your translators.

Click on the checkboxes next to strings, select the language from the list (in the Translation options box) and choose to send to translation. Please note that you cannot choose a specific translator. All translators within a language pair would be able to translate the strings you’ve chosen.

Sending strings to translation
Advanced String Translation Features

Besides the basic filter and translation features, WP Multilingual offers advanced options, which can make your site administration simpler.

Track when strings appear on the site

This option helps you identify where strings are used on public pages in the site. When enabled, String Translation – WP Multilingual will keep record of the PHP source and pages that display each string. This feature can help understand the correct context of strings and how they should be translated.

Enabled / disable string usage Info icons on strings list String in the PHP code String on public page
enable-string-usage string-debug-options see-where-string-appears show-on-page
Enable or disable the tracking for where strings appear on public pages. Click on the icons to see where the string appears in the code or on a public page. Static operation, without any additional server load. Dynamic operation, intended for site development, which loads the server.
Please note that this is a database-intense operation. You should only enable it when building the site.



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