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Woocommerce Product Bundles

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Product Description

Woocommerce Product Bundles

Creates configurable product bundles and kits by combining simple and variable products.

“Product Bundles” is an extension ideal for creating product Kits, Assemblies or Combos where the bundled products (simple or variable) and their quantities are static properties of the Bundle. If the product configuration of your Kit, Assembly or Combo has to be dynamic, then the “Composite Products” extension may be a better option. Static and dynamic combos and bundles can also be created with the “Chained Products” extension. Before deciding which extension is best for your particular application, it is advised to study all available documentation and always keep an eye out for new features.


Create and sell combos, simple kits and product assemblies by bundling simple, variable or even downloadable products together.
Keep track of stock not only on an item level, but also on a bundle level.
Define static quantities for bundled products – useful for creating simple product kits and bulk discount combos.
Bundle variable products and customize them down to the last detail:
Fine-tune their options by filtering out specific variations.
Override their default front-end selections.
Add and configure multiple instances of the same variable product to create any product/variation combo you can imagine.
Individually customize the presentation of bundled items:
Show or hide their images.
Override their default titles.
Override their default short descriptions.
Choose between different bundle pricing schemes: do you want to give your bundle a static discount price, or to follow a per-item pricing approach?
Select a shipping scheme: are the bundled items shipped together, individually, or not at all?
All this – and much more – wrapped in a predictable, simple user interface.


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